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Stock Price: 133.89 +0.33 5/21/2018 4:01 PM ET

Tank Mounting

Tank mounting is a key factor in the design of the tank, as all static and dynamic loads imposed on the tank are transferred through the mount to the tank shell. The tank mount approach is driven by cost tradeoff between the complexity and cost of tank mount fabrication along with impact on tank weight versus the weight and cost impact of a particular mount method on the spacecraft structure.

While ATK has the capability to incorporate many different tank mount designs into many tanks, some are much more producible than others and result in substantial cost savings. Numerous existing, proven tank mounting methods have demonstrated successful space flight over many missions. ATK's over 300 qualified tank designs have a variety of mounts.

The mounting schemes identified below represent just a small sample of the available designs.

Boss Mount

This is the simplest mount method from a tank fabrication approach. Tank is mounted on struts or through bulkhead panels on the spacecraft

Lug Mount

Several lugs - typically 3 to 4 - are machined around the tank circumference, EB welded onto a center cylinder ring and machined, or adhesively bonded and overwrapped. The tank shown to the right has integrally machined lugs.


Tabs are machined from a forged cylinder that is welded to the tank (girth tabs shown). This mount method is used when the tank is installed in a spacecraft cylindrical structure. The tabs provide an added benefit of integral tank-to-structure compliance

Composite Tabs

These tabs are formed from a composite skirt that is bonded and overwrapped onto the tank shell. Application and benefits are the same as for the titanium tabs, but with lower weight.

Pedestal Mount

Tanks with pedestal mounts are bolted directly to a spacecraft panel. This is a simple mount approach that is incorporated into several ATK small tank designs.


The tank shown at the right has 4 equally spaced mounting pads that are bonded & overwrapped onto the tank shell.

This type of mount is used for tanks which are mounted in a spacecraft with a "box" structure or flat panels. ATK builds tanks with 1 to 4 pads.

Combination of Mounts

Different mounting elements may be combined to optimize the overall spacecraft weight and cost. Two examples of recent ATK tanks are shown at right with boss and tabs and boss and pad/pin.

Strap Mount

Strap mounted tanks are usually simple spheres with no external details beyond tube ports or threaded boss ports. The tanks are then retained in a cradle by metal straps in tension.