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Stock Price: 133.76 +0.06 5/25/2018 3:59 PM ET


ATK Operations is the largest manufacturer of propellant and pressurant tanks for the space industry, having manufactured over 4,800 tanks since the company's founding in 1963. ATK's extensive product line includes propellant tanks, some containing elastomeric diaphragms or propellant management devices (PMDs), pressurant tanks, and motor cases. We offer tank shells that are all-metal, composite overwrapped, or a hybrid configuration with metal liner and partially wrapped with composite.

Propellant and Pressurant Tanks

PMD Tanks

ATK is the leading supplier of propellant management device tanks for space flight application, having delivered more than 1,200 PMD tanks to date.

Shown on the left are two PMD tanks. Top photo is of a 40" dia hydrazine PMD tank, ATK P/N 80430-1, with the lower photo showing a 28" dia X 54" long PMD tank for either MMH or NTO storage, ATK P/N 80398-1.

Diaphragm Tanks

ATK offers the most complete product line of Hydrazine positive expulsion elastomeric diaphragm tanks available in the space industry, having supplied over 800 diaphragm tanks for space flight application. ATK offers diaphragm tanks from 9" to 40" in diameter and up to 28,000 cubic inches of volume.

Shown at right is a 22 inch diameter spherical diaphragm tank for Hydrazine ATK P/N 80200-1. Tank is similar to ATK P/N 80298 Series for storage of 160 lbs of Hydrazine at 485 psig.

Pressurant Tanks

ATK supplies both monolithic titanium and composite overwrapped pressure vessels (COPV) for pressurant gases. A wide range of tanks are qualified for Helium & Nitrogen. High pressure COPV tanks are also available for Xenon propellant.

Shown at right is a Xenon gas storage tank. The tank features a titanium liner with graphite overwrap, is 12.8" diameter by 27.5" long and stores 3,052 cu. in. (50 liters) of Xenon at a pressure of 2,176 psig (150 bar). ATK P/N 80412-1.