Stock Price: 133.57 +0.04 5/18/2018 3:59 PM ET

Stock Price: 133.57 +0.04 5/18/2018 3:59 PM ET

30mm & 20mm x 173mm Munition System

Orbital ATK’s family of 30mm x 173mm ammunition builds on our production experience of more than 100 million rounds of 30mm GAU-8 ammunition. This new generation of ammunition for Orbital ATK’s Mk44 cannon has been developed and qualified in support of the U.S. Marine Corps Expeditionary Fighting Vehicle. The use of Mk44 cannon and 30mm ammunition has expanded to include infantry-fighting vehicles and naval platforms around the world.

The 30mm x 173mm family features a full spectrum of effective ammunition, including armor-piercing, anti-personnel, and cost-effective training ammunition. These rounds provide the outstanding accuracy, lethality and penetration necessary to defeat the threats on the battlefield today and tomorrow.

The newest member of the family is the Mk310 Mod 0 Programmable Air-burst Munition. This round provides the capability to detonate the projectile at a user-designated precise point in space. The Orbital ATK airburst system integrates our Mk44 cannon and air-burst fuze setter into a platform’s fire-control system. This enhances a platform’s lethality, giving it the ability to detonate a round over a target to defeat targets in defilade.

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