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Stock Price: 133.80 +0.20 5/23/2018 4:02 PM ET

XM395 Precision Mortar (120mm)

The XM395 precision mortar is the U.S. Army’s guided projectile solution for its Accelerated Precision Mortar Initiative (APMI).

Developed and produced by Orbital ATK, the XM395 gives brigade commanders an organic, accurate indirect fire capability. It provides a quick, reliable and lethal response -- especially in mountainous terrain inaccessible to artillery and in built-up areas where commanders are reluctant to employ conventional fire support that could cause collateral damage.

The XM395 provides maneuver commanders with a precision indirect fire capability to neutralize targets on reverse slopes, in narrow gullies, in urban areas and in other complex terrain where they are difficult to engage with low-angle fire. Additionally, greater accuracy enables the commander to engage fleeting targets with improved success and reduces the number of rounds required to successfully defeat targets.

Based on Orbital ATK’s Precision Guidance Kit for 155 mm artillery projectiles, XM395 combines GPS guidance and directional control surfaces into a package that replaces standard fuzes, transforming existing 120 mm mortar bodies into precision-guided munitions. This design-leveraging approach has reduced the timeline and costs associated with fielding a new munition.

The XM395 is compatible with all 120 mm, smoothbore mortar systems. It provides precision guidance capability for existing M933/934 mortar munitions. This precision mortar leverages mature subsystem technologies. The MGK takes full advantage of the existing U.S. Army industrial base, ammunition manufacturing facilities and supply chain to ensure low-risk, rapid delivery to support rapid fielding.

The XM395 provides the precision capability necessary for contemporary operating environments. It expands mortar system capabilities from area suppression to responsive, precision engagement and is reliable in a high-G tube launch environment.

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