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Stock Price: 133.57 +0.04 5/18/2018 3:59 PM ET

STAR™ Motors/Stages

​STAR™ motor upper stages can be customized to meet your mission requirements. Apogee topping/kick motors for orbit insertion can save spacecraft fuel and energy for longer life. Spin/de-spin and satellite de-orbit options are available. Orbital ATK also can provide braking and sample return propulsion for planetary missions.

The STAR™ motor family offers unmatched performance flexibility with a 100 percent success rate. Reliability has been proven on more than 2,440 flights using the current designs with a carbon/phenolic exit cone.

The motors feature a flexible design with propellant offloading up to 20 percent without requalification. Performance tailoring allows actual satellite and payload weights to be accommodated for maximum capability.

Total 3-sigma impulse variation of± 0.56 percent is well within mission parameters. Interfaces to multiple launch vehicles have been demonstrated. And combinations of STAR motors can accommodate both single or multiple payloads, placing payloads in either a single-orbit plane or multiple-orbit planes by use of ESPA rings.

STAR motor upper stages are available with space-qualified hardware and software. The forward adapter can incorporate the avionics, attitude control system, spacecraft interface and separation system, while the aft interstage attach designs fit to the launch vehicle.

The STAR motor numerical designation is the diameter of the case, which ranges from three inches to 75 inches. Our motors span a significant range of impulse capability to suit the mission-specific needs.

Ballistic performance can be tailored with increased propellant or offloading. The peak thrust/acceleration levels on the satellite can be limited by altering propellant formulations, grain geometry, operating pressure, or a combination of two or all three of these. The nozzle can also be modified to adjust the thrust profiles.

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