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Stock Price: 133.89 +0.33 5/21/2018 4:01 PM ET

Chaparral M-121 Rocket Motor

Production of the M-121 rocket motor for the Chaparral missile initially began in 1979. The M-121 was developed as a reduced-signature, minimum-smoke rocket motor to replace the Mk 50 motor. Production of the M-121 continued until the early 1990s, when the U.S. Army retired the Chaparral from its inventory. During that time, more than 4,400 M-121 rocket motors were manufactured and delivered. The Chaparral system was then offered for foreign military sales and to other government agencies.

Due to an aging fleet of Chaparral missile systems and interest by foreign governments in extending the service life of their systems, the M-121 was requalified for production in 2007. Since then, Orbital ATK has produced 800 M-121 rocket motors and is under contract to manufacture an additional 1,300 motors for foreign military sales. Orbital ATK has the capacity to meet additional build requests.

Chaparral is a mobile, light-air defense system that is mounted on a tracked vehicle carrying four ready-to-fire missiles. The system provides short-range, low-altitude air defense that provides point defense against direct air attacks. The Chaparral missile homes in on the heat of the target aircraft’s exhaust, typically helicopters and low-flying, fixed-wing jets. The reduced-smoke M-121 motor reduces the chance of visual detection of the launch platform.​

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