Stock Price: 133.89 +0.33 5/21/2018 4:01 PM ET

Stock Price: 133.89 +0.33 5/21/2018 4:01 PM ET

Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile-Propulsion System

​The Evolved Sea Sparrow Missile is a medium-range, high-speed, all-weather, all-aspect, semi-active guided missile used to intercept incoming missiles, attack aircraft and ships. The ESSM is utilized by the U.S. Navy and many NATO countries and can be launched from both canistered and trainable launchers.

The ESSM uses a high performance rocket motor and tail-control system to provide the speed, range and maneuverability required to intercept anti-ship missiles. The Mk 134 Mod 0 motor is a dual-propellant propulsion system. It utilizes a dual-concentric, hydroxyl-terminated polyether propellant, which is formulated for improved insensitive munitions capability. In addition, the motor is the first propulsion system to use a solid-state laser-initiation system, which was designed and developed by Orbital ATK.

Orbital ATK entered into an agreement with Raytheon Missile Systems (formerly Hughes Missile Systems Co.) to jointly develop the ESSM propulsion system with NAMMO/Raufoss of Norway. The development work was initiated at Orbital ATK’s Allegany Ballistics Laboratory in 1995. Under the EMD contract, Orbtial ATK successfully fired motors at temperature extremes from -14 degrees Fahrenheit to +133 F. After completion of the EMD phase, the ESSM program transitioned into low rate initial production (LRIP) and is currently in full rate production (FRP) with approximately 2,500 motors produced through 2014.

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