Stock Price: 133.57 +0.04 5/18/2018 3:59 PM ET

Stock Price: 133.57 +0.04 5/18/2018 3:59 PM ET

Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket (GATR)

The Guided Advanced Tactical Rocket is a 70 mm precision system that uses a semi-active laser guidance package to achieve extreme accuracy against both stationary and moving targets. With GATR, pilots can lock on targets before launch to ensure that only the target of interest is engaged, providing precision strike with much less collateral damage at a much lower cost than current guided missiles.

GATR supports integration on all fixed and rotary-wing platforms, and is compatible with existing 2.75-inch rocket-launcher hardware. GATR can be used for air-to-ground and ground- to-ground missions, against soft, lightly armored, stationary, moving and maneuvering targets, and for military operations in urban terrain. With day or night lethality and improved stand-off range, GATR expands the envelope of affordable, lightweight, guided munitions.

GATR’s low-cost solution bridges the gap between unguided rockets and more expensive, guided missile systems. With its robust, off-axis capability, GATR provides precision strike with a larger engagement window than current unguided, 2.75-inch rockets.

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