Stock Price: 133.89 +0.33 5/21/2018 4:01 PM ET

Stock Price: 133.89 +0.33 5/21/2018 4:01 PM ET

Insensitive Munitions Capabilities

Orbital ‚ÄčATK is an industry leader in the design, development and production of solid-propellant rocket motors, warheads and fuzes for tactical missile systems, bombs and artillery rounds. As part of our policy to provide products to make our warfighters safer and more effective, and to meet Department of Defense criteria, we have advanced our rocket-motor technology to meet current requirements for insensitive munitions.

Our three-fold approach revolves around integrating affordable composite cases, reduced-sensitivity propellants in both minimum-smoke and reduced-smoke formulations, and passive thermal-mitigation systems to meet the stringent IM requirements. By combining these three technologies, Orbital ATK has demonstrated that we can meet or exceed requirements with affordable propulsion systems.

Orbital ATK is able to keep the cost of our IM propulsion systems low because we have developed a highly efficient, reproducible manufacturing method for composite cases using industry-standard materials and processes. Additionally, we have proven the scalability of this manufacturing method over a wide range of diameters and lengths to meet varied mission requirements. This affordable approach allows Orbital ATK to deliver IM-compliant motors that are cost competitive with conventional, noncompliant rocket motors.

Orbital ATK has conducted fast cook-off, slow cook-off, bullet impact, and low-velocity and high-velocity fragment impact tests. These tests were conducted on 7-inch-diameter rocket motors that incorporate our affordable composite case technology, reduced-sensitivity propellants, and thermal mitigation systems with outstanding success. These tests resulted in the most benign reaction to these external stimuli, and all achieved a Type 5 reaction or better, which means the motors reacted in an acceptable and safe manner.

Orbital ATK is applying this technology to the NLOS-LS PAM, Hellfire, RAM Block 2 and JAGM, as well as other tactical rocket motors we are currently developing. By combining our IM-compliant motors with system-level IM improvements, the U.S. armed services will be able to field IM-compliant missile systems that are safer for our troops without compromising mission effectiveness.

Our IM-compliant rocket motors are affordable, reliable, scalable and warfighter-safe.

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