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RF Technologies and Testing

Orbital ‚ÄčATK RF Technologies and Test, located in Rancho Bernardo, Calif., operates an indoor compact range. Orbital ATK RFT&T is dedicated to world-class, advanced-composite aerospace structures and components, as well as radio-frequency and low-observable technologies. The range maintains a trained staff of engineers, technicians and support personnel, familiar with measurement systems, target support systems, model/fixture design and fabrication, and data acquisition/processing systems.

The compact range accommodates RCS or antenna/radome measurements on articles up to 40 feet wide/long and 28 feet high, and weighing 10,000 pounds. Normal operating frequencies available cover 300 MHz to18 GHz.

The 96 feet wide, 96 feet high, and 185-feet long measurement chamber sits on top of a 30-foot staging area that includes four secure high bays. The control room includes both data acquisition and analysis computers. Data processing is concurrent with acquisition so the test matrix can be changed real time based on test results.

The RCS acquisition system has a real-time data system for imaging and other plotting during data acquisition. The facility accommodates up to four programs simultaneously, with each program isolated from the others in order to maintain secure operations.

The chamber is spanned by a radio-controlled bridge crane to lift items from the staging area to the pylon/positioner. When not in use, the bridge crane stores inside an absorber-covered soffit. A telescopic, hydraulic manlift installed near the base of the pylon is used to access the article during mounting, modifications and dismounting. Each high bay area has secure, rollup doors that are interlocked to open only when access to the staging area is required for target/antenna mounting.

The Orbital ATK Rancho Bernardo technical staff has extensive experience in the design, manufacture and measurement of a wide range of antennas, feed systems, radomes and frequency/polarization selective surfaces. Design tools include: Ansoft high-frequency structure simulators, Ansoft designer, FEKO and Periodic moment method.

The facility uses proprietary software for the characterization of materials, antennas and radome electrical performance.

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