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Stock Price: 133.76 +0.06 5/25/2018 3:59 PM ET
Orbital ATK Employees Win Individual Awards at Annual RNASA Foundation Stellar Gala


On the evening of April 27, the space industry recognized its shining stars at the annual Rotary National Award for Space Achievement (RNASA) Foundation awards gala. With former CNN anchor John Zarella back as master of ceremonies, the Foundation celebrated notable contributions to our nation’s space program.

RNASA was founded in 1985 to organize and coordinate an annual event to recognize outstanding achievements in space and create greater public awareness of the benefits of space exploration. Since 1989, the Foundation has presented the National Space Trophy to an outstanding individual who has made major contributions in space achievement. Former NASA Administrator Mike Griffin presented this year’s National Space Trophy to Robert Lightfoot, former acting NASA Administrator. Longtime space exploration advocate, William Shatner, received this year’s Space Communicator award.

Each fall, the RNASA Foundation solicits Stellar Award nominations of space industry workers and teams deserving of special recognition. In 2018, 55 government and 120 corporate nominations were received in four categories, Early Career, Mid Career, Late Career, and Team.

"Each company and organization may only nominate a select few people or teams in each category, so just being nominated is quite an achievement," noted Jennifer Devolites, the RNASA Stellar Awards Committee chairman. "The Foundation is proud to bring the outstanding work of all the nominees to the attention of a wider community."

The Stellar Award winners each received engraved marble trophies generously sponsored by Orbital ATK. At the banquet, astronauts Peggy Whitson and Shane Kimbrough presented trophies to each of the winners.

Orbital ATK is proud to have had a total of twelve individual nominees and two team nominations with three individuals taking home awards this year. Congratulations go out to Elishabet Lato (early-career), Daniel Rodgers (early-career), and William Green (mid-career). The list of all Orbital ATK nominees in their respective categories are as follows:

Orbital ATK had four nominees for Stellar Awards in the Early Career category, including:

In the Mid-Career category, the following individuals were nominated:

Orbital ATK had four nominees for Stellar Awards in the Late Career category, including:

Team Stellar Award nominations included:

The full list of nominees and award winners can be found on RNASA’s website at