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Stock Price: 133.89 +0.33 5/21/2018 4:01 PM ET

National Security Systems


​We are applying our innovative, industry leading small- and medium-class satellite technologies to systems used for national security space missions and related technology demonstration programs. From smaller, more affordable spacecraft busses to hosted payload applications we are helping to reshape the boundaries of National Security Space.

Low-Cost, Flexible and Reliable Spacecraft Platforms

Orbital ATK’s LEOStar, GEOStar and ESPAStar spacecraft platforms are low-cost, reliable and flight-proven platforms that combine flexibility with low acquisition and launch costs. Our GEOStar-1 spacecraft is a compact platform optimized for GEO missions (adaptable for MEO) for launch aboard Minotaur, Falcon, and EELV launch vehicles. The EAGLE EELV secondary payload adapter experiment under development for the U.S. Air Force, uses our ESPAStar platform and will increase launch opportunities for payloads to geosynchronous orbit.

Hosted Payloads

Orbital ATK recently completed the highly successful Commercially Hosted Infrared Payload (CHIRP) program for the U.S. Air Force. The wide-field of view sensor was hosted on an Orbital ATK-built commercial GEO Communications satellite. Orbital ATK’s hosted payload program takes advantage of the high frequency of commercial satellite launches and the excess resources that typically exist on a commercial communications satellite to provide frequent and low-cost access to space.

Disaggregated Systems

Orbital ATK has been a leading advocate of the use of disaggregated systems to lower the cost and accelerate the development and deployment of national security space systems. By employing small platforms with single dedicated payloads, Orbital ATK can deliver resilient capabilities to the end user in years instead of decades that recent large systems have demonstrated.

Advanced Signals and Cyber

Orbital ATK’s Advanced Signals and Cyber (ASC) team leverages a skilled applied research and development staff to provide a broad range of signal processing solutions covering applied research, software design, firmware design and prototyping. The ASC team consists of a small group of highly skilled engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists dedicated to solving some of the most challenging problems that the defense and government sectors face.

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