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Stock Price: 133.89 +0.33 5/21/2018 4:01 PM ET

Advanced Signals and Cyber


​Orbital ATK’s Advanced Signals and Cyber (ASC) team leverages a skilled applied research and development staff to address signal processing challenges and firmware design. The ASC team specializes in developing tailored solutions using Digital Signal Processing (DSP) applications in custom hardware and radio interfaces.

The portfolio of services the ASC team has to offer includes:

The ASC team management leverages extensive experience in supporting Department of Defense and other government agency needs to provide responsive, tailored solutions to complex problems.

Products and Services

The ASC team consists of a small group of highly skilled engineers, mathematicians, and computer scientists dedicated to solving some of the most challenging problems that the defense and government sectors face.


Software, firmware and digital design


The Communications Research Lab (CRL) is designed to facilitate synthesized research, programming and hardware experimentation at multiple security levels, depending on project and customer needs. Collaborative research, FPGA development, and bench-work for hardware integration can all be accomplished on site, in a secure environment. The CRL is equipped with a full suite of laboratory equipment for signal generation, SDR research, wireless signals generation and analysis by the ASC team’s experienced staff.

The ASC team has a long history of providing innovative, high quality solutions to address the needs of our diverse customer base. Please contact the ASC team to explore how their solutions can address your most challenging signals processing and cyber needs.

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