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Stock Price: 131.90 +0.18 1/18/2018 10:35 AM ET

Guidance, Navigation, & Control

Guidance, Navigation and Control provides full-lifecycle engineering development for spacecraft attitude and orbit determination and control systems. GN&C also develops high-fidelity launch vehicle guidance and control simulations, as well as performance and robustness assessment tools for NASA.

Controls design and analysis capabilities have been utilized for servo-mechanism applications for flight instruments. Specific capabilities include:

GN&C expertise covers all aspects of spacecraft, missiles and launch-vehicle GN&C engineering, and has been applied across a range of projects, including our recent significant efforts summarized in the table. For the NASA New Millennium Program EO-1 spacecraft, GN&C provided the complete design, development, analysis, implementation and testing of the attitude control subsystem.

We have provided algorithms for the Image Navigation and Registration of the GOES weather satellites and ACS lead engineering for the TDRS communication satellites. For the TOPEX/Poseidon spacecraft, GN&C provided subsystem on-orbit performance trending, maintenance and anomaly resolution support for over nine years.

GN&C personnel are actively working on the fine guidance systems required for the James Webb Space Telescope. As part of the KSC Expendable Launch Vehicle team, GN&C has developed high-fidelity guidance and control simulations of the Pegasus, Delta-II, and Delta-III rockets. This independent verification and validation effort has been utilized by NASA for launch-anomaly investigations.

GN&C Design, Analyses and Simulation Tools