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Stock Price: 131.90 +0.18 1/18/2018 10:35 AM ET

Structural Dynamics

Orbital ATK has extensive capabilities in the structural dynamics/analysis arena, routinely performing coupled loads analysis for Space Transportation System and Expendable Launch Vehicle payloads. Beyond typical lift-off and landing runs for STS and lift-off, engine cut-off events, and various flight profile events for ELV, coupled-load analysis capabilities also include on-orbit and jitter loads. The flowchart shows a pictorial of the CLA process.

Orbital ATK also provides thorough vibration test support. This includes developing test specifications, pre-test analyses, post-test analyses and test support. Using modal survey as an example, Orbital ATK would predict relevant modes, develop an appropriate instrumentation set to capture those modes, and then correlate the Finite Element Model to the measured modes.

Orbital ATK routinely creates FEMs utilizing various meshing packages, validating the FEMs through rigorous model check routines. Additional capabilities include reducing the FEM to Craig-Bampton format with associated Loads Transformation Matrices for further basedrive analyses or simply for delivery to a launch vehicle contractor.

Orbital ATK has supported numerous NASA, principal investigator and Department of Defense programs. CLA experience has included the STS and ELVs (Atlas, Delta, HII and Titan). On-orbit loads work has included loads imparted from the STS Reaction Control System, extravehicular activities, and rendezvous, berthing and release activities.

We have performed extensive on-orbit analyses for the Hubble Space Telescope, servicing missions in order to protect the delicate HST solar arrays. Our analyses resulted in several HST mission flight rules and EVA restrictions.

Jitter analyses included jitter sources such as stick-slip, thermally induced jitter and jitter induced by onboard components like reaction wheels or stepper motors. Extensive statistical energy analyses and basedrive analyses also are performed in order to specify component-level random levels based on system-level random analyses.

Structural Analysis has experience in support of vibration tests, including acoustic, sine sweep, sine burst, random, force-limited random, shock and modal survey. Support involves developing instrumentation sets, pretesting basedrive test simulations, post-test correlation, and on-site test support.

Orbital ATK has experience in dynamic simulation of mechanical systems using ADAMS. The deployment dynamics of developmental solar sail concepts for JPL were investigated.

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