Stock Price: 133.80 +0.20 5/23/2018 4:02 PM ET

Stock Price: 133.80 +0.20 5/23/2018 4:02 PM ET

Supplier Information

Welcome to the Orbital supplier web site. Here you will find general information for Orbital suppliers, quality requirements, a calendar of events and supplier points of contact. In the future we will implement supplier quality, contract and e-commerce microsites unique to each supplier.

We strive to make Orbital’s products the most reliable and affordable in the industry and our suppliers are an essential link in this process. Our supplier philosophy is as follows:

Quality Products Protect Our Market Position

We expect our suppliers to build in quality through rigorous analytical, design and production processes. Suppliers’ quality systems must stress defect prevention rather than defect detection. Historical data shows that the long-term cost for defect prevention is far lower than detection events that occur later in the value stream. Orbital’s products have a reputation for being affordable and reliable, due in part to our rigorous efforts at continuous improvement. We expect suppliers to impose these same high standards to their products as well.

On-time Delivery – Every Time

It is not hard to understand why late deliveries result in higher costs; not only to suppliers, but also to Orbital and our customers. Late deliveries result in extra expense to the supplier for work-arounds and expedited costs. Most importantly, late deliveries result in lost revenues to our customers, and potential loss of business for Orbital, and ultimately, our suppliers.

Product and Technology Leadership Require Consistent Progress

We want to share technology development with our key suppliers. Much in the same manner that compound interest can grow a bank account, combined research and development can result in more innovative, cost effective and faster time-to-market solutions. Our Supply Chain Management Organization is chartered with finding suppliers where there is a mutual “good fit” benefit for products and technologies. This initiative will result in a close alignment between Orbital and our supply base as we pursue future joint endeavors in strategic sourcing.

Lean Principles – Sharpening the Saw

Our competitive environment dictates that we must continually improve in order to remain viable in our markets. This means year-over-year productivity improvements throughout the entire supply chain. Orbital maintains a Breakthrough Ideas program. This program provides a channel though which our supply base can offer suggestions that will help us, collectively, improve our competitive position. The goal is simple: provide solutions to our customers which result in the lowest total lifecycle cost.

Capstone: Ethical, Safety and Environmental Excellence

The overarching principles that drive Orbital’s supply chain are: 1) business conduct at our suppliers that is consistent with Orbital’s values; 2) the protection of the confidentiality of Orbital’s proprietary information; 3) the advance notification of discontinuous supply from our suppliers and from their sub tier suppliers; and 4) environmental awareness that surpasses US, state and local regulatory requirements.

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