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Stock Price: 133.80 +0.20 5/23/2018 4:02 PM ET

Orbital Launch Systems Group (LSG)
Supplier Quality Assurance Provisions

The Orbital ATK Launch Vehicle Division standard quality provision and supplier data requirement list (SDRL) descriptions are found in the links below. Please contact the prospective buyer should you have any question regarding compliance.

Old Revisions
Quality Assurance Provision Revs
FM61-281, Revision I, Archive

FM61-281, Revision H, Archive

Assessment Questions
Assessment Questions

Basic Quality Requirements
Code Title Code Title
0111 Minimum Quality System Requirements 0162 Records Retention Requirements
0112 Supplier’s Responsibilities for Continuous Approval as an Orbital Supplier 0163 Records Retention Requirements - 7 Years
0114 Basic Quality System Requirements 0164 Records Retention Requirements - 20 Years +
0115 Calibration Supplier’s Quality System Requirements 0165 Record Retention Requirements for Commercial Programs - 7 Years
0116 Special Process Supplier’s Quality System Requirements 0191 Responses to Industry Investigations Required
0121 Certificate of Conformance Required 0192 PWAs for Orbital Launch Vehicle Systems
0131 Nonconforming Materials Requirements 0193 Procurement and Production of Printed Wiring Boards (PWBs) for Orbital Launch Vehicle Systems
0141 Corrective Action Requirements    
Quality Systems
Code Title Code Title
0212 Quality System Certified to ANSI/ASQ/ISO 9001 Required 0276 Software & Firmware Quality Management System
0241 Quality System Certified to SAE AS9100 Required 0277 Software & Firmware Change Approval
0271 SEI Software CMM Level 2 Required 0285 Software Verification and Software Validation Required
0272 SEI Software CMM Level 3 Required 0292 Software Change Tracking Required
Code Title Code Title
0311 Requirements for Calibration Services 0320 Calibration Supplier's Quality System Requirements
Supplied Property Control
Code Title Code Title
0411 Government Property Provided 0431 Special Tooling Requirements
0421 Orbital Property Provided
Code Title Code Title
0521 ESD Precautions Required 0581 Notification of Changes to Processes Required
0522 ESD Precautions Required 0582 Approval of Changes to Processes Required
0532 Approved Welding Process Sources Required 0583 Approval of Major Process Changes Required
0533 Approved Radiographic and Other Defined Nondestructive Testing (NDT) Process Sources Required 0584 Notification of Major Process Changes
0545 Workmanship Standards for: Connector Mating & Demating 0591 Orbital Supplied Manufacturing Traveler Completion Required
0553 Workmanship Standards for: General Torque Requirements 0592 Rework or Repair Documentation Requirements for PWB and PWA Mfg Support
0571 Delivery Hold – Unreleased Product Definition 0593 Electrical and Electronic Assemblies Acceptance Criteria
0572 Requirements for Mission Critical Machined Hardware & Assemblies 0594 Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies Acceptance Criteria
Code Title Code Title
0612 Final Acceptance Test Report Submittal Required 0624 Test Failure Notification Required (COTS)
0621 Test Report History Submittal Required 0625 Final Acceptance Test Report Submittal Required for Commercial Programs
0622 Notification of Testing Required 0626 Test Failure Notification Required for Commercial Programs
0623 Test Failure Notification Required 0631 Third Party Independent Verification Required
Code Title Code Title
0711 Inspection Reports Submittal Required 0732 Close Out Photographs Required – Items that Include Printed Wiring Assemblies
0712 Suspect Counterfeit Products & Materials Containment 0733 Manufacturing Assembly/Inspection Documentation
0722 First Article Inspection per SAE AS9102 Required 0734 Validation Of Solder Workmanship Utilizing X-Ray Analysis
0723 First Article Inspection Report for Commercial Programs 0735 Inspection of Fastening Hardware
0731 Close Out Photographs Required    
On-Site Inspection
Code Title Code Title
0811 Orbital Inspection of Completed Item at Source (Source Inspection) Required 0841 Contract Kick-Off Meeting at Supplier’s Facility Required
0812 Orbital Inspection of Bare PWB Required Prior to Subsequent Operations 0851 Pre-Environmental Lot Acceptance Test (Pre-ELAT) Inspection at Source Required
0813 Hardware Acceptance Review (HAR) Required 0861 Mission Assurance Product and Process Review-MAPPR
0821 Orbital Source Surveillance Required 0862 Mission Assurance Audit -MAA
0831 Government Oversight 0871 Product Capability Assessment Required
0832 Government Insight    
Traceability and Identification
Code Title Code Title
0911 Single Date Code Required 0933 Supply Chain Traceability of EEE Items Required
0912 Date/Lot Code Part Identification Required 0934 Wafer Level Traceability Identification Submittal Required
0921 Shelf Life Requirements 0941  Special Product Labeling Instructions
0923 Shelf Life Limited Item-Data Submittal Required and Life Remaining 0951 Manufacturer’s Identification Required
0924 Shelf Life Limited Item-Data Submittal Required and 50% Life Remaining 0961 For Orbital Internal Use, Only-Note To Orbital Receiving Inspection
0925 Exceeption to Shelf Life Percent Age Remaining Requirement 0971 Component Procurement from an Approved Contract Manufactured Required
0932 Traceability Requirements    
Configuration Management
Code Title Code Title
1022 As-Designed/As-Built Configuration Record Required
Nonconforming Material
Code Title Code Title
1211 MRB Authority (Limited) Granted to Supplier 1242 Requirements for Approval of Nonconformance in Supplier Designed Items
1212 MRB Authority Granted to Supplier
Code Title Code Title
1311 Manufacturer’s Certifications Submittal Required 1351 Sample Material Submittal Required
1312 Connector and Backshell Manufacturer’s Certifications Submittal Required 1352 Sample PWB and Documentation Submittal Required
1321 Material and Process Certifications Submittal Required 1353 Sample PWB Retention and Documentation Submittal Required
1322 Material Certifications Submittal Required 1354 Sample PWB and Documentation Retention Required
1323 Process Certifications Submittal Required 1361 FAA TSO Authorization Required
1324 Material Certifications for Piece-Part Hardware 1362 FAA Airworthiness Certification Documentation Required
1325 Forging Certification Submittal Required 1371 Prohibited Parts, Materials, and Processes
1331 Nondestructive Test (NDT) Certification Submittal Required, Other Than Radiographic 1381 Manufacturer's Authorized/Franchised Distributor's Certificate of Conformance (CofC) Retention Required
1341 Radiographic Certifications Required 1382 Manufacturer's Authorized/Franchised Distributor's Certificate of Conformance (C of C) Delivery Required
1342 Radiographic Certifications and Radiographic Submittal Required 1391 Critical Lifting
Process Improvement
Code Title Code Title
1400 Quality Provisions Assessment Check Sheet Submission 1421 Key Characteristics Inspection and Documentation Process Required
1431 Foreign Object Debris (FOD) Prevention Program Required
Code Title Code Title
1511 GIDEP Participation Required 1521 GIDEP Alert Pertains To This Order
Subsequent Processing
Code Title Code Title
1611 Subsequent Orbital Processing Required – Calibration 1619 Subsequent Orbital Processing Required - Assessment Verification
1612 Subsequent Orbital Processing Required – Testing 1621 Subsequent Test Data Validation Required – Certification Test Report Validation
1613 Subsequent Orbital Processing Required – Inspection 1631 Subsequent Orbital Processing Required – Government Property Control – STE
1614 Subsequent Orbital Processing Required – Identification 1632 Subsequent Orbital Processing Required – Government Property Control – ST
1616 Subsequent Orbital Processing Required – Tooling 1633 Subsequent Orbital Processing Required – Government Property Control – OPE
1617 Subsequent Orbital Processing Required – Item Validation 1634 Subsequent Orbital Processing Required – Government Property Control – APP
1618 Subsequent Orbital Processing Required    
Code Title Code Title
1731 Requirements for Approval of Changes In Supplier's Design 1741 Part Substitutions Prohibited
1732 Requirements for Notification of Changes in Supplier’s Design 1742 Obsolete Parts Prohibited
1733 Requirements for Approval of Changes in Supplier's Design for Commercial Programs    
Shipping, Packaging, and Handling
Code Title Code Title
1811 Packaging Requirements for Printed Wiring Board (PWB) Shipments 1821 General Packaging Requirements
1812 Packaging Requirements for Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Sensitive Item Shipments 1822 Packaging Requirements for Shipping Silver Plated Wire
1813 Packaging Requirements for Moisture Sensitive Surface Mount Device Shipments 1841 ESD Precautions for Electro-Explosive Device Required
1814 Moisture Sensitivity Level Identification and Appropriate Packaging 1851 Packaging Requirements for Component Shipments
1815 Packing Requirements for Fastener Hardware    
Miscellaneous Supply Chain Direction
Code Title Code Title
1921 See Statement of Work (SOW) for Quality Requirements 1942 Training to the Requirements of Orbital’s Document TM-455 is Required
1922 See FM40-042 For SDRL Requirements 1943 Training Requirements for Counterfeit Products & Materials Avoidance
1931 Restrictions on Electrical Connectors Manufactured by Aero-Electric Connector, Inc. 1951 Warranty Return, All Previous Quality Requirements Apply
1932 Restrictions on Stacked Capacitors Manufactured by UTC 1961 Procurement from an Authorized/Franchised Source Required
1933 Restrictions on Electrical Connectors with Part Number Prefix of MS3116* 1962 Certification of Procurement from an Authorized/Franchised Source Required
1934 Tin Material Restrictions 1963 Procurement From an Authorized-Franchised Source Required - General Products
1935 Resctrictions on Electrical Connectors/Backshells Manufactures 1971 Requirements for Purchasing of Crane Scales
1941 Training to the Requirements of Orbital’s Document TM-8575 is Required 1981 Restrictions On Cable/Wire Numbers Prefix of M27500*** and M22759***, Manufacturer of Wire Must Use NEMA WC Version of Wire from TYCO/Raychem Only
Code Title Code Title
8011 MSDS Submittal Required 8041 Mercury Free Statement Required
8021 Labeling of Ozone Depleting Substances Required 8050 DFARS 252.223-7002 Safety Precautions for Ammunition and Explosives
8031 Chemical Inventory for Air Pollution Reporting (Maricopa County)
Nonrecurring Documentation
Code Title Code Title
SDRL-100 Design Baseline SDRL-131 Long Lead Hardware List
SDRL-101 Manufacturing Baseline SDRL-132 CAH Components List
SDRL-102 Test Baseline SDRL-133 Interface Control Document
SDRL-103 Parts List
Parts List Form
SDRL-134 Structural Models
SDRL-104 Subtier Supplier List SDRL-135 Suite of Elec Pkg Electronic Components Analysis
SDRL-106 Parts, Materials, and Processes Management Plan (PMPMP) SDRL-136 Suite of Elec Pkg Electromechanical Components
SDRL-107 Acceptance Test Plans and Procedure (ATP) SDRL-137 Validated Earned Value Mgmt System (EVMS)
SDRL-108 Qualification Test Plan and Procedure (QTP) SDRL-138 Integrated Baseline Review (IBR)
SDRL-109 Configuration Management Plan SDRL-139 Contract Work Breakdown Structure (CWBS)
SDRL-110 Software Configuration Management Plan SDRL-140 Contract Cost Data Report (CCDR)
SDRL-111 Software Quality Assurance Plan SDRL-141 Design Life Analysis
SDRL-112 Source Code SDRL-142 Non-linear Model Required
SDRL-113 Software Development Plan SDRL-143 Verification Cross Reference Matrix Documentation Required
SDRL-114 Software Requirements Specification SDRL-144 Analysis - General Requirements
SDRL-115 Software Test Plan SDRL-145 Transition from Engineering to Qual/Production Plan
SDRL-116 Supplier Drawing SDRL-146 Letter of Competent Authority
SDRL-117 Top Level Assembly Drawing SDRL-147 Fault Tree Analysis
SDRL-118 Qualification Test Report (QTR) SDRL-148 Failure Modes, Effects, and Critical Analysis
SDRL-119 Preliminary Design Review (PDR) SDRL-149 Process Failures Modes and Effects Analysis
SDRL-120 Critical Design Review (CDR) SDRL-150 Design Baseline: As Designed Parts and Materials Lists (ADPML)
SDRL-121 Lot Acceptance Test Plans and Procedure SDRL-151 Production Readiness Review - PRR
SDRL-123 Parts Application Stress Analysis SDRL-152 Self-Assessment of PMP Requirements
SDRL-124 Reliability Prediction SDRL-153 Product Baseline Assessment and Process Witness
SDRL-125 Mechanical Stress Analysis SDRL-155 Process Qualification Plan for New Suppliers and New or Modified Design or Manufacturing Processes
SDRL-126 Thermal Analysis SDRL-156 S&F Documentation
SDRL-127 Shock And Vibration Analysis SDRL-157 S&F Development
SDRL-128 Dynamic Analysis SDRL-159 Standard Operation of Procedure (SOP), System Safety Program Plan (SSPP), Safety Program or Safety Plan
SDRL-129 Master Equipment List SDRL-160 System Safety Representative
System Safety Representative Form
SDRL-130 Mass Properties Report SDRL-161 Test Readiness Review
Recurring Documentation, Deliver as Required
Code Title Code Title
SDRL-300 Program Plan or Master Schedule SDRL-311 Integrated Master Schedule
SDRL-301 Program Milestone Schedule SDRL-312 Cost Performance Report (CPR)
SDRL-302 Progress Report SDRL-313 Contractor Financial Mgmt. Reports (CFMR)
SDRL-303 Supplier Quality Metrics SDRL-314 Contract Funds Status Report (CFSR)
SDRL-304 Supplier Quality Metrics
Supplier Quality Metrics Form
SDRL-315 Red Flag Report
SDRL-305 Software Process Metrics SDRL-316 EEE Component (Destructive Physical Analysis) DPA Report Required
SDRL-307 Software Processes Periodic/Milestone Auditing SDRL-317 PMP Approval Request Form Submittal
SDRL-308 Software Configuration Metrics SDRL-318 Safety Analysis and Hazard Identifications
Safety Analysis and Hazard Identificationse Form
SDRL-309 Software Configuration Management Periodic/Milestone Status Reporting SDRL-319 Mishap safety Reporting
Mishap safety Reporting Form
SDRL-310 Software Configuration Management Periodic/Milestone Auditing